Using Medical Billing to Improve Urgent Care Service

No one who’s walking into an emergency room or urgent care facility is worried about how the office plans on identifying the procedures that they need. A patient may consider the cost, but chances are—if they’re there, then they need immediate help. This means they are more concerned with their health than with anything else. This is an extremely stressful situation, and not one that anyone remembers fondly. The last thing a practice wants to do is add insult to injury with improper, unclear, or lax billing practices. The goal of the medical profession is to provide compassionate and meaningful care to the people who need help. Nowhere in this description does it include a want to stress out patients over unreadable or late bills. This is why many emergency practices turn to medical billing professionals in order to handle all of these types of issues.

Many people assume that medical billing is handled in the office. For many medical professionals this is absolutely true. Unfortunately, for smaller practices this isn’t a particularly economical system. Not only does it require additional office space and technology, it also involves hiring more full-time staff. These are people that will require a certain salary, training in medical insurance, and a set of benefits. The medical billing and coding process requires a certain level of professional know-how that can only be acquired via certifications and education. Finding somebody that meets these criteria can be very difficult. Going through a company that offers the services allows a practice to bypass many of these additional costs. It also lets them know that they’re working with professionals who have experience in the field and who have the proper training to do the job right.

They can also offer things like a physician’s credentialing service that keeps the doctors up-to-date on their public training and necessary medical credentials. This includes additional training that needs to be recognized in order for them to operate in certain parts of the healthcare industry. Urgent care is one of the most utilized medical services. Because of this, it’s important to find one that operates efficiently. These are just a few of the ways a medical billing service can really help streamline the urgent care process:

Cut Down on Unnecessary Training

When an urgent care facility of any kind is operating, it needs to have a primary focus on its patients. This means that the majority of training and certification programs need to be focused on the actual medical professionals. Hiring a physician’s billing service frees up training time and reimbursement for those who could be learning to better care for their patients. Outsourcing to a company that’s already stocked with well-trained employees saves the practice both time and money.

Billing a Wide Range of Patients

Emergency rooms and walk-in clinics generate a huge amount of traffic. They often get different patients every day, and this can make it difficult to keep track of everyone who’s been in the emergency room. A physician’s billing service will be able to keep track of each and every patient, and appropriately bill them for the services that they receive. This is an excellent way to maintain accurate records while following up on outstanding hospital bills.


Many of these companies can either initiate necessary collection procedures or put the practice in touch with the appropriate people to do so. This saves hospitals a great deal of time spent tracking down patients that refuse to pay and could be better spent focusing on care within the hospital.

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