Comprehensive Chart Auditing

Chart auditing is a crucial part of any healthcare clinic or business. Auditing ensures that your charts are accurate and in compliance with the complex updates and often fluctuating rules and regulations of the billing and coding world. Chart auditing is not only necessary to ensure maximum return on reimbursables, but also to give you peace of mind that guidelines and coding standards are being met so you can focus on your patients. Hiring Right Medical Billing is an effective way to gain control of claims and reimbursements.

* We assess reimbursement and account receivable balances (current and old)
* We ensure compliance of guidelines, rules and regulations
* Find any over or under chart documentation that may be hurting your bottom line
* Communicate with your physicians and staff any changes or improvements to your charts
* Ensure proper code selection and correction of coding errors
* Confirm that all claims are properly identified and billed for each unique insurance companies’ rules

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