HCMS Expo Update

We had a great time at the Harris County Medical Society Business Expo!

Starting bright and early on Saturday morning, Right Medical Billing setup our brand new booth at NRG Stadium for the Harris County Medical Society Business Expo.

We had the opportunity to meet with physicians from all over Harris County as they gathered to enjoy the gallery of businesses catered to their needs, as well as attend the seminars and continuing medical education opportunities available to them.

We were able to meet with previous contacts as well as speak with some new faces, including some physicians that were curious about starting their own practices.

We’d love to help physicians go out on their own to start their own clinics and healthcare institutions.  By making it easier to run their businesses through high quality medical billing services, we take away one of the major stresses of being a provider, and instead turn it to a strong point.

With a strong financial backbone, we offer to aid physicians in creating the successful practice they’ve always wanted.  That’s why we were so excited to meet with these physicians face to face!

Many of the seminar topics at the expo were centered around physician owners, whether it be laws, finances, or decision making.

We’re glad to help physicians in their endeavors to become independent!

We even had the chance to meet with other healthcare business service providers from the area, and talk about partnerships to help extend our services, creating brand new combinations of offerings that would help local healthcare providers succeed even more.

Overall, we had a fantastic experience at the Harris County Medical Society Business Expo. We look forward to visiting again, and making our way to other local expos.

Next stop, TexMed 2017!

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