Factors in Choosing A Medical Billing Service

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Many hospitals and medical facilities are in need of reliable credentialing services, but like any other services and products, companies are competing to win you over as a customer with their different offerings.

It is easy to assume that like trying on many pairs of shoes at a store, not all of them are the same. Some medical billing or medical credentialing services will work exactly the way you’d like them to, while others just don’t quite fit or feel right.

So how can you determine which medical billing companies are worth your time and money? Consider the following factors:


One of the first things to know when looking at a company is how long have they been in business for. If they can prove that they have plenty of experience in the business, it is safe to assume that they are well versed in coding, medical software, filing claims, credentialing, and much more. While it’s true that new companies can appear and they require the chance to prove themselves to gain experience, it is more common for new medical billing and credentialing companies to consist of staff who were once part of older companies.

2. Area of Expertise

Believe it or not, but not every billing and credentialing company can mesh well with any medical facility. Some medical billing companies specialize strongly in some areas of health care than others. This can allow medical claims and reports to be filed faster. Therefore, it is important to ask medical billing companies that you are considering about what kinds of hospitals and facilities they are great working with. If you run a chiropractic office, for example, you’ll want people who know the ins and outs about spinal and musculoskeletal procedures to file your medical claims.

3. Compliance and Certification

Billions of dollars every year is lost to fraudulent health care. Thus, it can really feel difficult in choosing a medical credentialing service, hoping that they are the real deal. Before you sign on with a medical billing service you need to ask them about some precautionary measures and policies that they uphold. These include HIPAA compliance so that your medical facility’s data is complete classified with them. You also would like to know if they conduct background checks on their employees to know that this is a legitimate business.

4. Activity

Essentially, you’ll also want a billing and credentialing service that operates and is available to you every day. You will want to ask them how many claims they process by the week, month or year, to get an understanding of how many other companies they work with. This, however, can also give you an idea of how big they are as a company. If they can file hundreds or even thousands of claims per week, it can show they have a lot of members on their staff who know what they’re doing.

5. Tech Savviness

Medical billing companies don’t have to work with the newest software, or even your software. The best companies have their own effective billing software that is compatible with almost any system you have where you save your medical records. If they can work and manage with your existing billing system with no issues, that should make it all the more reason to choose them.

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